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Unique Gifts from Bali for Special Occasions

Bali’s artisan community takes pride in creating items that carry the island’s soul, ensuring that each traditional Balinese gift is not just seen but felt. These unique gifts from Bali, ranging from vibrant textiles to handcrafted jewelry, make for an ideal present for any occasion, encapsulating moments that extend beyond the fleeting now. When one walks into a Bali gift shop, they are not just shoppers; they become custodians of the island’s artistic legacy.

For those seeking something beyond the ordinary for special occasions, the enchanting island of Bali offers an exquisite selection of unique gifts. The traditional Bali gifts found here are not just souvenirs; they are authentic pieces of a rich cultural tapestry, perfect for those desiring a meaningful and memorable token. Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary, or a token of appreciation, each authentic Bali gift reflects the enchanting spirit of this tropical paradise. Bali gift shops are treasure troves of handcrafted items, where each product tells a story of heritage and artistry that resonates with the essence of the island.

Key Takeaways

  • Unique gifts from Bali add a personalized touch to any special occasion.
  • Traditional Bali gifts represent the island’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Authentic Bali gifts provide a meaningful memento of the Balinese experience.
  • Bali gift shops are the ideal source for artisanal, high-quality artifacts.
  • Choosing a Balinese gift supports the local artisan community and sustains traditional crafts.

Unveiling Bali’s Artisanal Heritage

The Island of Bali brims with a remarkable array of Bali art and crafts that convey its profound artisanal heritage. Commemorating the island’s skilled craftsmanship and deep-rooted traditions, these pieces embody cultural significance and aesthetic appeal. Understanding the wealth of handcrafted gifts from Bali allows connoisseurs and travelers alike to appreciate the intricate details and stories behind each artifact.

As aficionados delve into the intricacies of Balinese handicrafts, they discover the painstaking effort and artistic prowess infused in every creation. Whether it is for personal collection or as cultural Bali souvenirs, every artifact stands as a testament to Bali’s artistic legacy. Indeed, Bali merchandise becomes not just an object of display but a narrative encompassing history, spirituality, and the Island’s way of life. Below presents a list highlighting the diversity of authentic pieces representing Bali’s artisanal heritage:

  1. Stone Sculptures: Epitomizing religious narratives and historical tales, these sculptures range from representations of Hindu deities to scenes carved out of local stone.
  2. Intricately-carved Wooden Masks: Serving both ceremonial purposes and as unique home décor, these masks are a striking representation of Balinese culture.
  3. Hand-painted Sarongs: Typically used in daily wear or ceremonial attire, these sarongs showcase the finesse of Balinese fabric painting skills.
  4. Aromatic Spice Blends: Aromatic and evocative of the island’s culinary traditions, these spice blends serve as a practical gift for food enthusiasts.
  5. Wooden Sculptures: With each smooth curve and notch, these stunning pieces tell the stories of Bali, crafted by generational artisans.

For a comparative understanding of the popularity and functionalities of these treasured items, examine the detailed table below:

Stone SculpturesDecorative and religiousSpirituality and HistoryHigh among collectors
Wooden MasksDecorative and ceremonialCultural identityFavored by tourists
Hand-painted SarongsFashionable wearArtistry and TraditionEssential for cultural admirers
Spice BlendsCulinary useFlavor of BaliPopular among food lovers
Wooden SculpturesDecorativeCraftsmanshipHighly sought after

The allure of handcrafted gifts from Bali is as much about their visual and tactile quality as it is about their embodiment of the Balinese spirit. This unique confluence of art and life in cultural Bali souvenirs offers a tangible experience, immortalizing the rich cultural tapestry of this island paradise into objects of unparalleled charm and significance.

Gifts from Bali: The Perfect Mementos

When seeking out the most resonant mementos to capture the essence of a Balinese adventure, travelers are faced with an array of traditional Bali gifts that are not only visually striking but hold cultural significance. Among the diverse selections are the aromatic Balinese coffee, intricately carved wooden masks, and the multifaceted Bali sarongs, each presenting a unique narrative of Bali’s rich heritage and vibrant artistry.

Authentic Balinese Coffee: Aromatic and Flavorful

For lovers of a rich brew, authentic Balinese coffee stands out as one of the most desirable unique Bali gifts. The island’s coffee, known for its robust flavor profile, is a highlight among Bali souvenirs. Beans roasted in the traditional method using coconut oil impart an unforgettable taste, making every cup a tribute to the island’s lush landscapes and agricultural artistry.

Carved Wooden Masks: Traditional Balinese Decor

Art connoisseurs and cultural enthusiasts often gravitate towards the carved wooden masks, eminent tokens among traditional Bali gifts. These masks, created by the hands of local artisans, exude the island’s ceremonial spirit and are as much a piece of history as they are of decor. With depictions of both the earthly and the mythical, these masks are literal embodiments of Bali’s souvenirs, carved with precision and meant to tell a tale in every home they adorn.

Traditional Balinese Decor

Bali Sarongs: A Tapestry of Colors and Patterns

The vibrant Bali sarongs not only capture the allure of Bali’s fabric artistry but also offer versatility in their use. As gifts from Bali, sarongs are unique in the sense that they blend practicality with traditional beauty, making them ideal for fashion-savvy individuals or for those who favor the beach lifestyle. From sun protection at the seaside to adding a pop of color as home furnishings, the sarong is one of many unique Bali gifts that encapsulate the island’s tapestry of colors and patterns.

Whether it is a tin of fragrant coffee beans, a mask that speaks to the island’s lore, or a sarong that wraps one in the warmth of Balinese culture, each of these mementos offers a connection to the soul of Bali. They stand as priceless gifts, embodying memories of an enchanting journey and the timeless allure of this island paradise.

Bali’s Exquisite Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Among the splendor of Bali’s traditional offerings, handcrafted silver jewelry stands out for its elegance and cultural resonance. For those seeking authentic Bali gifts, these silver crafts reflect the island’s centuries-old expertise in metalwork and design. Not just mere accessories, Balinese silver jewelry pieces are imbued with stories that transform them into timeless keepsakes.

The allure of Bali’s silver jewelry extends beyond the shimmering appeal of handcrafted silver jewelry to include the spiritual beliefs of the Balinese people. Known for its quality and intricate craftsmanship, a variety of silver items such as pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are available, appealing to diverse tastes and preferences.

  • Pendants: Often portraying deities, nature, and geometric patterns.
  • Earrings: Ranging from subtle studs to elaborate hanging pieces.
  • Bracelets: Beaded works and sculpted bangles that charm every wrist.
  • Necklaces: Fine chains to substantial statement pieces.

As traditional Bali gifts, these meticulously sculpted items carry the essence of Balinese culture, making them more than just jewelry. They are miniature representations of Bali’s rich artistic heritage, widely recognized as authentic Bali gifts cherished by locals and tourists alike.

Whether as a memory of a Bali expedition or a gift for a loved one, these Balinese silver crafts represent a physical manifestation of Bali’s spirit. Starting at accessible prices, silver jewelry from Bali ensures that each visitor can find a piece that speaks personally to their experiences and taste.

The Melodious Charm of Balinese Gamelan Music

Embark on an auditory exploration of Bali with traditional Balinese gamelan music—a cornerstone of the island’s cultural heritage. This intricate ensemble, comprising bronze drums and gongs, creates harmonious sounds essential to Balinese rituals. Discover cultural Bali souvenirs that resonate with the history and soul of this tropical paradise.

Traditional balinese percussive music instruments instruments for "Gamelan" ensemble music, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. By ElenaErmakova13
Traditional balinese percussive music instruments instruments for “Gamelan” ensemble music, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. By ElenaErmakova13

The Spiritual Significance of Gamelan

The gamelan’s enchanting melodies transcend mere entertainment—each performance carries deep spiritual resonance. Used in sacred religious ceremonies and festive celebrations alike, gamelan music acts as a portal to Bali’s mystical roots, offering unique gifts from Bali that encapsulate the divine connection evoked through these timeless sounds.

Traditional vs Modern Interpretations

While preserving the essence of its traditional form, Balinese gamelan music continues to adapt, blending with contemporary influences. Gamelan CDs, as cultural souvenirs, offer an eclectic fusion of this rich musical tradition tailored for both purists and modern enthusiasts seeking to experience Bali’s sonic landscape.

Gamelan SouvenirsPriceDescriptionSignificance
Gamelan Music CDStarting at $10Recordings of traditional gamelan musicAuditory journey into the spiritual core of Bali
Miniature Gamelan InstrumentsVariesDecorative scale replicas of gamelan instrumentsBali art and crafts symbolizing the island’s musical heritage
Gamelan-Inspired DécorVariesHome décor items featuring gamelan designsIncorporates Balinese aesthetics into daily life

Batik Fabric: Bali’s Signature Textile

The tradition of batik fabric is a cornerstone of Balinese culture, offering a variety of traditional Bali gifts for those who appreciate artisanal excellence. Each piece of batik is a canvas of historical storytelling, with patterns that symbolize Bali’s rich heritage and Island’s spirituality. Crafted using a meticulous dye-resisting process that has been passed down through generations, batik fabric stands out as a unique Bali gift that is both a work of art and a piece of wearable history.

Visitors to the island will find that batik is more than just a material; it’s a souvenir that embodies the spirit of Bali. Choosing batik as a Bali souvenir means bringing a snippet of the island’s soul back home, making it a treasured possession and conversation piece. Not only is it a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing textile, but it also supports the livelihood of local artisans and preserves the ancient traditions of batik making.

Batik Fabric ItemStarting PriceBest Suited ForNoteworthy Feature
Batik Sarongs$11Beachwear, Home DecorVersatile uses with vibrant designs
Batik Scarves$13Accessories, FashionElegant and rich in color
Batik Tablecloths$20Home FurnishingBrings Balinese charm to dining spaces
Custom Batik Fabric$11 per yardClothing, DIY ProjectsPersonalized patterns available

Explore Bali’s Fine Craftsmanship Through Woodwork

Bali’s woodwork is a testament to the island’s fine craftsmanship. Iconic wooden carvings and sculptures, created using traditional wood carving methods by skilled artisans, provide a wide selection for those interested in taking home a tangible piece of Balinese culture. Offering both decorative and functional items, these wooden handicrafts serve as a symbol of the island’s artistic prowess.

Bali Wood Carvings and Sculptures

Iconic Wood Carvings and Sculptures

Celebrated for intricate designs and attention to detail, wooden handicrafts from Bali reflect the expertise and cultural heritage of local artisans. Traditional Bali gifts such as masks, statuettes, and decor items are prominently displayed in market stalls and galleries, each piece telling its own story of Bali’s rich cultural narrative.

Sustainable Crafting Practices in Bali

The approach to sustainable crafting in Bali is noteworthy, with artisans committing to eco-friendly methods by using locally sourced materials. This sustainable ethos contributes to the preservation of Bali’s environment and encourages the production of authentic Bali gifts that tourists can purchase, knowing they support responsible practices.

Type of WoodworkMaterial SourceCultural SignificancePrice Range
Carved MasksLocally-sourced woodCeremonial use, artistic expression$15-$50
Wall HangingsReclaimed wood, bambooFolklore and mythology depictions$25-$100
SculpturesIndigenous hardwoodsReligious figures and symbols$40-$200+
Functional ArtEco-friendly materialsHousehold use with cultural touch$10-$150

As a celebration of Bali’s delicate blend of art and sustainability, these Bali merchandise items not only enhance the visual appeal of spaces but also provide support for local communities dedicated to preserving their traditional crafts. For those seeking traditional Bali gifts, the island’s wooden handicrafts are an ethical and memorable choice.

The Essence of Bali Captured in Aromatic Incense

For centuries, the spicy scents of aromatic incense have been intricately woven into the spiritual fabric of Bali. Utilized in daily rituals and temple ceremonies, these fragrant sticks and cones are not just Bali souvenirs; they are emissaries of peace, capturing the tranquil spirit of the island. Each carefully crafted piece is redolent of Bali’s paradisiacal landscapes, enveloping your senses and bringing forth a serene ambiance reminiscent of the island’s serene beaches and terraced rice paddies.

  • Bringing a sense of peace and spirituality into your home.
  • Serving as a traditional Bali gift for the spiritually inclined or those enchanted by the island’s culture.
  • Acting as a reminder of Bali’s sacred temples and their timeless rituals.

Incense, in all its varieties, serves as a unique Bali gift, an essence of the island that is both profound and personal. The following table represents the diverse selection of incense available, each noted for its unique blend of fragrances, making it a deeply personal keepsake for those who wish to sustain the spirit of Bali in their own spaces.

Incense TypeScent ProfileAssociated Use in Bali
SandalwoodWoody, RichMeditation and Purification
FrangipaniSweet, FloralPrayers and Offerings
JasmineIntensely Fragrant, SweetLove and Harmony
LemongrassCitrusy, FreshEnergizing and Revitalizing Spaces
Ylang-YlangRich, Deep, Slightly FruityCalming and Euphoric Atmospheres

Indeed, one cannot depart Bali’s shores without experiencing the lingering scent of its traditional incense. Whether sought after as Bali souvenirs or as an intimate gift, these aromatic treasures encapsulate the vivid memorabilia of the island’s rich culture. A unique Bali gift of incense available for visitors to share or keep is not just a mere fragrance; it is the scent of Bali’s soul, intertwined with reverence and the island’s reverence for the natural world.

The Spicy Souvenirs: Bali’s Aromatic Spice Blends

The allure of Bali is not just in its scenic beauty but also in the rich tapestry of flavors that make up traditional Balinese cuisine. A staple that food enthusiasts and seasoned travelers eagerly bring home are the aromatic spice blends. These fragrant treasures are not merely condiments but a gateway to experiencing the genuine essence of Balinese culinary traditions.

Balinese Spice Blends

From Kitchen Staples to Gourmet Selections

When it comes to cooking, the difference between good and exceptional often lies in the spices used. With Balinese spices, both home cooks and professional chefs can elevate their dishes. Renowned for their richness and depth, these spices go beyond being kitchen staples—they are the gourmet selections that every food lover seeks.

Among the favored spices are chili peppers, ginger, turmeric root, and nutmeg. Whether one is preparing an intricate Balinese dish or adding a twist to a familiar recipe, these spices promise an authentic taste that transports diners straight to the heart of Bali.

Experience the Flavors of Traditional Balinese Cuisine

The true measure of a memorable travel experience often rests on one’s palate. In Bali, the aromatic spice blends are as integral to the souvenirs as the island’s famed crafts. These spices form the backbone of traditional Balinese cuisine, turning a simple meal into an array of complex and mouthwatering dishes.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to peruse communal markets and specialty shops to find Bali merchandise that includes pre-packaged spices or DIY blends. This not only offers a taste of the island’s revered cuisines but also acts as a bridge between cultures—a unique Bali gift that continues to delight long after one has returned home.

Whether taken home as Bali souvenirs or used to recreate the island’s signature dishes, these aromatic spice blends are indispensable for anyone looking to keep the flavors of their Balinese adventure alive in their own kitchens.

Monumental Memories: Stone Sculptures from Bali

The artistry of Bali art and crafts is epitomized by the island’s magnificent stone sculptures. Each piece, hand-carved with precision and care, tells a story from Bali’s rich tapestry of heritage and spirituality. These sculptures, be they of historical deities or legendary creatures, stand as timeless emblems, making them traditional Bali gifts that carry deep cultural significance.

Unique Bali Stone Sculpture
Unique Bali Stone Sculpture

Collectors and cultural enthusiasts alike seek these unique Bali gifts for their natural beauty and the skill they represent. Their versatility ranges from garden statues that bestow a serene ambience to living spaces, to indoor figurines that add an exotic touch to interior design. Here’s a glimpse into the variety of stone sculptures that embody the essence of Balinese art:

SizeDepictionMaterialPrice Range
Small FigurinesLucky Animals, Miniature DeitiesLava Stone, Sandstone$10 – $50
Medium StatuesBuddhas, Traditional DancersVolcanic Rock, Limestone$51 – $150
Large StatuesMythical Beings, Protective SpiritsGranite, River Stone$151 & Up

As a manifestation of Bali art and crafts, these stone sculptures not only serve as remarkable souvenirs but also as a support to the local artisans who dedicate their lives to continuing this age-old tradition. By choosing these sculptures as traditional Bali gifts, enthusiasts of culture and art can keep the island’s ancestral craftsmanship alive and thriving.

Pie Susu Enaak – A Sweet Taste of Bali

When it comes to traditional Bali gifts, the delightful Pie Susu Enaak claims its fame as a favorite among tourists looking for a taste of local sweetness. This beloved confection signals an authentic memento of the culinary treasures Bali has to offer. Since its inception in 1989, Pie Susu Enaak has been synonymous with traditional Balinese delicacy, offering an irresistible treat that’s both original and reminiscent of the island’s dessert heritage.

Pie Susu Enaak traditional Bali gift

Savoring the Original Pie Susu Flavor

Known for its smooth, milky filling encased in a crisp pastry shell, Pie Susu Enaak has become an iconic Bali souvenir. The secret behind its consistent taste and high quality is the adherence to a preservative-free recipe, ensuring each bite is as fresh as it is indulgent. Authentic Bali gifts such as these not only satisfy sweet cravings but also serve as a gateway to experiencing — and sharing — the island’s rich and diverse food culture.

Bringing a Piece of Balinese Delight Home

For those ready to take home a slice of Bali, Pie Susu Enaak is the perfect choice. These milk pies are made with devotion to uphold the true flavors Bali is celebrated for. Each box is packed with care, guaranteeing that friends and family can savor a unique Bali gift that stands apart from the usual souvenirs. Indeed, these pies embody a distinct segment of Bali merchandise that continues to attract those seeking to capture the essence of the island.

Pie Susu Enaak FeatureDescription
Origin Year1989
Notable AttributeCreamy texture and delicate sweetness
PreservativesNone, guaranteeing freshness
Ideal ForSouvenir, gift, authentic experience of Bali

Signature Bali Souvenirs: Unique and Cultural Finds

Despite the rise of globalization, there remains a place where the charm of traditional crafts endures—the vibrant island of Bali. Known for its **Bali merchandise**, the island is a treasure chest of **unique Bali gifts**. For those looking to bring home a piece of its culture, hunting for souvenirs is not merely a purchase—it’s a **shopping adventure** that supports the local community.

Reviving Traditions and Supporting Local Artisans

Each time a traveler selects a **unique Bali gift** from a **Bali gift shop**, they partake in preserving the historical narrative of the island. The skilled hands of local artisans fashion items that are as authentic as the stories they tell—each piece a labor of love and a testament to the Island’s cultural resilience.

Seeking Out the Unique: A Shopping Adventure

The hunt for **unique Bali gifts** is an odyssey through bustling market streets and serene countryside ateliers. The air is rich with the scent of incense and the fervor of creativity, guiding the excursion from charming **Bali gift shops** in Ubud’s artistic heart to the spirited stalls of Kuta’s night markets.

Explore an array of unique gifts from Bali, perfect for any occasion. Find handcrafted, traditional and authentic Balinese treasures. Shop now!

Here is an illustrative guide on what a savvy shopper might find:

Gamelan InstrumentsTraditionally crafted musical piecesCaptures the sound of Bali’s artistic soul
Pandora’s BoxHandmade wooden boxes with intricate detailsSymbolizes the protection of cherished items
Hand-woven TextilesTextiles made with age-old weaving techniquesRepresents the harmony of Balinese artistry

The experience of selecting items that embody the island’s unique cultural heritage is more than a simple act of commerce; it is a form of cultural dialogue and appreciation, enriching the journey of both the artisan and the adventurer.


As this guide concludes, a kaleidoscope of bali-inspired gifts beckons; each offering more than mere physical beauty. They are imbued with the essence of an island that tells a tale rich in culture and steeped in tradition. These artifacts—be it an intricately chiseled stone sculpture, a woven tapestry of fragrant spices, or a meticulously forged piece of silver jewelry—stand as markers of an extraordinary sojourn. They are not simply souvenirs but rather ambassadors of Bali’s artistic heritage, each piece holding within it a memory to be cherished, a story to be told.

It isn’t just a transaction but a meaningful exchange—purchasing these gifts from Bali supports the island’s gifted artisans. It’s a celebration of their enduring dedication to preserving the vibrancy of Bali’s cultural identity. With every carved mask, batik fabric, or Gamelan tune, they share a piece of their spirit, their skills contributing to the tapestry that is Balinese tradition. This symbiotic relationship enhances the value of every keepsake with the heartfelt knowledge that each purchase uplifts and sustains the community that created it.

The ultimate Bali shopping guide extends an invitation to travelers to delve beyond the surface of mainstream tourism, to uncover the island’s true heartbeat through its local markets and workshops. The journey of finding the perfect token becomes part of the adventure, a quest enlightening one to the stories, the dreams, and the soul of Bali. These gifts capture more than a moment in time; they capture the spirit of an island that continues to enchant and inspire.


What are some unique gifts from Bali suitable for special occasions?

For special occasions, consider authentic Bali gifts such as handcrafted silver jewelry, carved wooden masks, aromatic incense, and batik fabric. These items reflect the cultural heritage of the island and make for thoughtful and memorable presents.

Can you tell me about Bali’s artisanal heritage products?

Bali’s artisanal heritage is captured in its art and crafts, known for their beauty and craftsmanship. These include handcrafted gifts such as Balinese handicrafts, traditional wood carvings, stone sculptures, and unique batik fabric, all imbued with the soul of Bali’s culture.

Are there any affordable and authentic Balinese coffee souvenirs?

Yes, authentic Balinese coffee is a highly affordable and flavorful memento, with options such as locally roasted coffee beans available. It serves as a fragrant reminder of the island’s distinctive charm at a starting price of around .

What is the price range for traditional hand-carved wooden masks from Bali?

Traditional hand-carved wooden masks from Bali, which double as stunning decor pieces, start at around . These masks are iconic of Bali’s cultural and artistic legacy.

Can Bali sarongs be considered a practical souvenir?

Absolutely, Bali sarongs are not only a tapestry of colors and patterns but also versatile and practical mementos. Starting at about , these sarongs can be worn in various styles or used as a decorative piece, combining fashion with the fabric artistry of Bali.

What makes Balinese silver jewelry a special gift from Bali?

Balinese silver jewelry makes for a special gift due to its fine craftsmanship and cultural significance. With a range of items from simple to elaborate designs, and starting prices at around , these silver crafts are sought after for both their beauty and the belief in their protective powers.

How is traditional Balinese gamelan music reflected in gifts from Bali?

Traditional Balinese gamelan music is available as CDs, which capture its spiritual and melodious essence, making it a cultural souvenir. They provide an auditory experience of Bali’s ceremonies and festivals and come in both historical and contemporary interpretations, starting at around .

What does batik fabric represent in Bali’s culture?

Batik fabric represents Bali’s signature textile art and showcases the intricate dye patterns characteristic of the island’s craftsmanship. Available from per yard, batik allows people to bring home a tangible expression of Balinese artistry and tradition.

How are Bali’s woodworking and sustainability practices combined in its handicrafts?

Bali combines fine craftsmanship with sustainable practices through its wooden handicrafts. Skilled artisans utilize traditional methods and locally sourced materials to create functional and decorative items that pay homage to the island’s artistic heritage while being environmentally conscious.

Why are Bali’s aromatic spices considered a must-have souvenir?

Bali’s aromatic spices are a must-have for their role in bringing the flavors of Balinese cuisine to any kitchen around the world. These spice blends, essential for local dishes, offer both chefs and food enthusiasts a taste of the island’s gastronomy, with the option to purchase pre-packaged or craft their unique blend.

What is the significance of stone sculptures from Bali?

Stone sculptures from Bali hold significant cultural value as they are commonly crafted to depict Hindu deities and ancient legends, thus becoming monumental memories of the island’s heritage. These sculptures vary in size and design, appealing as both ornamental and culturally enriched souvenirs.

What makes Pie Susu Enaak a unique gift from Bali?

Pie Susu Enaak, known for its creamy texture and delicate taste, presents a unique culinary gift originating from Bali. With freshness guaranteed by the Pie Susu Enaak brand, established in 1989, these milk pies serve as a sweet representation of Balinese confectionery tradition.

How does purchasing unique Bali gifts contribute to local artisans?

Buying unique gifts such as gamelan instruments, Pandora’s box, and hand-woven textiles directly supports local artisans, contributing to the preservation and revival of traditional Balinese crafts. This patronage encourages the sustainability and growth of Bali’s vibrant artisanal community.

What shopping experiences does Bali offer when seeking out unique souvenirs?

Bali offers a shopping adventure that extends beyond the souvenirs themselves. Exploring art markets like Sukawati or silver jewelry classes in Celuk provides an immersive experience, encountering artisan workshops and cultural insights while searching for unique Balinese gifts.

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